KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit
KIckstart your career in EV with our 1 Day offline Summit

Join Us for an Exciting EVRS '24 -
Electric Vehicle Revolution Summit - Build future in EV

Welcome to a transformative Summit where we will unveil Vertocity Bleu's new EV Program. Whether you're an aspiring professional, a student, or an entrepreneur, this event is designed to provide you with invaluable insights into the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and blue-collar career opportunities.

  Offline Summit
  9th June
T Works
2 p.m - 8 p.m

Why Attend This Summit?

Understand the structure of the UX design and how a project should be  designed systematically.
Build your portfolio around UX Design with more than just visuals and exhibit logic behind creating beautiful designs
Understand the role of (UX) design, be able to write a resume that highlights your strengths in this domain and find jobs suited to your interests.

Expert Insights

Gain knowledge from leading industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.
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Interactive Sessions

Engage in Q&A sessions and panel discussions to deepen your understanding.
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Connect with professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in the EV sector.
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Hands-On Experience

Visit the Vertocity Bleu Experience Center and see our programs in action.
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Future Prospects

Learn about the future trends and advancements in the EV industry and how you can be part of this growing field.
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Career Opportunities

Discover blue-collar career paths and business opportunities in the EV industry.
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Our Guest Speaker

Jayaprakash Narayan

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, is a renowned Indian politician, activist, and founder of the Lok Satta Party. With a background in public administration and medicine, he served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly from Kukatpally, Hyderabad (2009-2014). He is also the founder and General Secretary of the Foundation for Democratic Reforms, a leading think-tank focused on political and governance reforms. Known for his role in electoral reforms and the Right to Information Act, Dr. Narayan is a prominent voice in advocating for transparent and accountable governance in India.

How will this workshop help ?

Who is this Summit for?

Pannel 1

EV Future Land-scape

Evolving field of electric vehicles, characterized by advancements in technology, increasing adoption, and the growing infrastructure to support sustainable transportation. This landscape is pivotal in reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener, more energy-efficient future.

Pannel 2

Employability in EV 💭

The rising demand for skilled professionals in the electric vehicle industry, driven by advancements in technology and increased adoption of sustainable transportation. This sector offers diverse career opportunities in areas such as engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and infrastructure development, contributing to a sustainable and innovative future.

Pannel 2

Our Hosts

Nikhil Gunda

Founder @Gear Head Motors / Co-Founder @Bleu

Ravi Teja Nadakudity

CEO @Vertocity / Founder @Bleu

Mourya Teja

Co-Founder @vertocity / Co-Founder @bleu
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Other Benefits from this Summit


T-Works Tour

Intro to EV

Meet EV founders

Build a career in EV

Early Bird offer

Reserve for just Rs.499!
Meet You At T-Works, India's largest Prototyping Centre
Reserve for just Rs. 499!

The time is running out

Enroll before the deadline to avail all the bonuses.

Get Certified

  • Get an official Certificate
  • Proudly add this achievement in your resume.
  • Be a part of fastest growing community


Will the workshop be live?

This workshop is a mix of live & pre-recorded sessions.

Will I receive any certificate?

Yes, After completion of the workshop, you will get your certificate.

When will I get the bonus?

The bonus will be shared during/after the workshop.

Will there be any refund?

No, there won’t be any refund for the workshop. You can go through the workshop curriculum and the mentor profile and make a decision based on that.

Will I get the recordings of the live sessions?

No, the live session recordings will not be provided. All learners are supposed to attend the live sessions in the workshop.

Do we require any prior knowledge before attending this workshop?

No, you need not have to know anything about UX design. Our mentor will drive you through the basics of UX designing. 

 Can I make a career out of it?

Yes, you can make an excellent career as a UX designer. Since the digital world continues to expand, companies realised creating good user experiences is required. This is why UX designers have high growth and high demand in the market.

₹ 499
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