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Empowering the Next Generation of Electric Vehicle Experts through Cutting-Edge Education and Sustainable Solutions

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What Makes Us great? 🤔

At bleu, we’re not just about creating electric vehicles; we're about pioneering a sustainable future and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to lead the charge. Here's why joining us is a step towards a brighter, greener future:

Innovative Learning Approach 📝

Learn through a unique blend of hands-on training and AI-driven assessments, preparing you for the forefront of the EV industry.

Pioneering Industry Insights 🔗

Gain unparalleled insights from our leadership in EV retrofitting and manufacturing, offering a comprehensive view of the electric vehicle landscape.

Career Advancement and Opportunities 👥

Leverage our strong industry connections and comprehensive training programs to open doors to employment and entrepreneurial ventures in the booming EV sector.

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At Bleu, we are at the vanguard of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in India, offering a transformative education in EV technology through our meticulously designed courses. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the burgeoning demand for skilled EV professionals and the current workforce by providing top-tier education and hands-on training.

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What you Get from this Course

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Comprehensive EV Training 📝

Dive deep into electric vehicle technology with modules covering EV design, battery management, and charging systems.

Hands-On Experience 📝

Apply your learning with hands-on training on approved vehicle kits, ensuring practical understanding and skills application.

Industry-Ready Skills 📝

Get equipped with the latest in design, analysis, and troubleshooting to meet the growing demands of the EV industry.

Exclusive Tool Kit 📝

Receive a specialized tool kit as part of the course, enabling you to work on real-world projects and gain firsthand experience.

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Curriculum Overview : You are Going to Learn 💭

Module 1: Introduction to Electric Vehicles

Learn the basics of EV technology, including the ecosystem, architecture, and government initiatives shaping the industry's future.

Module 2: EV Powertrain and Components

Gain insights into the heart of electric vehicles: the powertrain. Understand the components that drive EVs, including batteries, motors, and controllers.

Module 3: Battery Management Systems

Explore the critical role of battery management systems in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of EV batteries.

Module 4: Charging Infrastructure

Delve into the various types of EV charging, from slow and moderate to fast charging, and the infrastructure supporting them.

Module 5: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Equip yourself with the skills to diagnose and fix common EV issues, ensuring the smooth operation and reliability of these vehicles.

Empowering Success - Our Impact in Numbers 📈

Empowering the next generation of EV professionals with skills, opportunities, and real-world experience.



Over 500 students have successfully completed our courses, stepping into the EV industry with confidence.


Industry Partners

Collaboration with over 200 leading companies in the EV sector, ensuring robust employment opportunities for our graduates.


Increased Employment Rate

Graduates of our program see a 30% higher employment rate in the EV field compared to non-participants.

Invest in Your Future: Course Pricing
and Enrollment Details

40000 INR

Your investment includes:

🚀 Access to all 5 modules of our cutting-edge curriculum.
🚀 Hands-on training with approved vehicle kits.
🚀 An exclusive tool kit for real-world project work.
🚀 Industry-recognized certification upon completion.
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Fostering Transparency, Collaboration, and Community Engagement in the Electric Vehicle Revolution. Bridging Innovators, Customers, and the Public with Open Communication. Driving Sustainable Change Together.

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