Vertocity is committed to providing intensive training to The Learner, Career Acceleration Program will consist of a combination of lectures, curated content (online resources, screencasts, and tutorials), exercises, challenges, games, code competitions and reviews. Training will be instructor led and learner driven. There is no requirement for after-hours work, but it is expected that because of the intense nature of the Career Acceleration Program, The Learner might need to study/work evenings and weekends. The training will include some physical exercises and challenges that are optional. The program as set out in this paragraph and undertaken in accordance with this Agreement shall be referred to as the “Training Program ''.

The Learner and Vertocity understand and agree that The Learner is not an employee of, or service provider to, Vertocity in any respect, and is not eligible for wages, benefits, or compensation of any kind in connection with Career Acceleration Program or otherwise.

The “Start Date” of the program is defined as the first day when the classes for the program begin.


The Learner understands that the Tuition Fee is paid i.e., INR 90,000 (Excluding GST) should be paid to Vertocity, Where applicable, Tuition Fees may be reduced by specific tuition discounts*.

JOB GUARANTEE PROCESS :How is the Job Guarantee possible?

1. There are thousands of open positions across various industries which need to be filled in the next few years.
2. The demand for engineers and managers to manage is growing and employers care about practical and applicable skills. Our course is structured around real-world projects so that you end up with a strong portfolio to showcase your practical knowledge.
3. We are very confident of the relevance, breadth, and depth of our course content. We strongly believe that our course could help you land in most desirable roles. We know our course is good and hence we back it with a job-guarantee.
4. We want our success to be fully aligned with our student’s success. Hence, we want to put our money where our mouth is. We achieve this through our job-guarantee or cash back program.

Job Guarantee Process:

1. A personal mentor will be assigned to each candidate after the enrollment in the program who will provide guidance related to the specific candidate’s portfolio/resume and in interview preparation, mock interviews.
2.Under the mentor’s guidance, each candidate has to work on the rest of the capstone projects to build a strong portfolio.
3. After the completion of the Vertocity Course including all the assignments (within the validity period mentioned in Terms and Conditions), a candidate gets eligible for our Job guarantee program wherein we forward his/her portfolio to the companies we have good connections with(Start-ups to Fortune-500 Companies) which purely depends on the strength of the specific candidate’s portfolio.

Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

1. It is mandatory to submit all course assignments/exercises within The course duration from your date of registration without any plagiarism.
2. It is mandatory for the candidate to secure more than 70% in the CAP program(Including all the assessment and capstones).
3. It is mandatory to maintain minimum 80% attendance in live classes for each phase of the program.
4. It is mandatory to successfully pass all the Phase-end and Capstone projects/Assessment.
5. Attend/participate/complete Soft Skill and Interview Preparation Sessions.
6. Candidates have to attend the scheduled interviews to all the job references given by Vertocity. There will be no refund if you are not interested in applying for jobs or if you don’t attend the interviews at scheduled times.
7. For students pursuing UG/PG, under the Job Guarantee program, we start sending your resume to the companies for jobs after your UG/PG only provided the course is completed with all the assignments within the validity period. In the meanwhile (while you are pursuing UG/PG), we will be providing the internship opportunities after successful completion of the course assignments at Vertocity.
8. These terms and conditions may be modified at any time and we will let you know if we update anything. The most recent changes or revisions will appear on this
9. This Job Guarantee or cash back program is applicable only for candidates who register for Career Acceleration programs in Data Science, Data Analytics and Full Stack Web Development.

The Candidate Won’t be eligible for the Job Guarantee if :-

1. There should be no Plagiarism in the main capstone Project. If Our team found anyone copying the capstone from the Internet or from the fellow student, in that case the both students won’t be eligible for the Placement Guarantee.
2. The Student turns down a job offer with a guaranteed proposal.
3. The Student accepts a job opportunity outside our platform before the guarantee period is over.
4. The Student does not agree to relocate to the location proposed by the employer and turns down the offer.
5. The Student does not respond/reply to the official communication mails from Vertocity or the employer.
6. The learners who don't adhere to the mentioned T&C are not eligible for a refund.
7. If the student does not meet the placement criteria set by Vertocity.
8. The student gives fake/wrong information to the employees of Vertocity or on his/her resume/LinkedIn etc.,.
9. The Student does not follow through the interview/qualifying process in a timely and professional manner.
10. Any physical/verbal abuse or misbehavior with tutors, mentors or any associated employees of Vertocity.
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