How to get your bonus?

Step 1
Find a friend who wants to master an in-demand profession or move to IT and earn more
Step 2
Add contact details of your friend
in the form below.

Step 3
Our counselor will get in touch with your friend and tell them how to join us.
Step 4
Yay! Your friend is on board
Step 5
Both of you will get the discount of 5000, if you are starting the course. have completed the course or are pursuing it, you will get the bonusdirectly
Step 6
Get even more money for each new friend. 2nd friend — 12000; 3rd friend — 20000. And so on...
How to find a friend to refer?
  Tell your coworkers about us during the lunch

  Inform your colleagues or friends in your group chat

  Ask your relatives on the family gathering

  Tell your fellow students in the uni where you have studied

  Share the referral link on your socials. Even if you have 50 followers,
         it can work. You never know what a person dreams about!
Refer a friend
How much can you get?
The more friends you bring, the more money you have!
Rs. 5000
1st Friend
Rs. 12000
2nd Friend

Rs. 20000
3rd Friend

Rs. 28000
4th Friend

And so on!

Your friends can pick any course.
Show this page to them and let them choose!!!

Register yourself,
So that we can send you the bonus
Register your friend, so that your friend will get the Rs. 5000 discount
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