l. It has been felt by the Information Technology industry that despite having the basic qualification, the students, professionals are not able to handle the practical hands-on working project task problems related to I.T. Jobs in the current situation. Therefore, recognizing the needs of the student/professionals VERTOCITY has developed a Job Guarantee Career Acceleration Program as part of upskilling the fresh and Gap year graduates to enable meritorious LEARNERS to attain relevant practical and theoretical knowledge for the industry, aligned with current industry practice and coupled with nine months hands-down work experience with real industry environment use-cases and capstone projects developed in coordination with industry practitioners. The program aims to enhance the LEARNER’s professional capabilities by facilitating his/her ultimate 100% employment in the industry after completing nine months journey in the program.

ll. AND WHEREAS under this program, VERTOCITY offer a course entitled ‘‘IT Software- Technology Knowledge Process Outsourcing” (hereinafter called “The Career Acceleration Program”) designed to impart necessary skill sets in the LEARNER in the fields of IT/Software Technology/Knowledge Process Outsourcing domain by continuous, necessary, relevant and intensive exposure to theoretical, practical and work- experience modules developed by industry practitioner’s envisaged under “The Career Acceleration Program” for the nine months duration. The modules include the on-line training as well as training not limited to or at the client-based project use-case scenarios as an internship according to the requirement.

Ill. AND WHEREAS VERTOCITY represents that the scope of “The Career Acceleration Program” is designed to enhance the LEARNER's candidature for employment in Information Technology Sector and the obligations of VERTOCITY under the agreement shall cease once a contract position/contract job/permanent job/internship job/freelancer job is offered from any of our clients time-to-time to the LEARNER by Vertocity Clients/partners across India. 

IV. AND WHEREAS the LEARNER is desirous of and has agreed to pursue “The Job

Assurance Course” marketed by the VERTOCITY Ed-Tech Sales Team on terms and conditions set out hereinafter under this agreement.


  1. The Career Acceleration Program is a Nine-month full-time online training program (Maximum duration). The course modules, and course career path for the program duration is already understood by the LEARNER during the counselling, before registering for the program, and LEARNER understood and agreed to complete the program duration & Career path which includes Six months training and Three Months placement (for detailed info check the program page) connect to corporate by preparing to the interviews and attend the interview schedules without fail.

  1. The LEARNERS understands and agrees that Fee paid for the Career Acceleration Program is refundable* as per the terms & conditions and policies of the organization and the nature of the Course.

  1. The LEARNER understands that this agreement is not a contract for employment or                   apprenticeship but is only aimed at providing a job opportunity to the LEARNER to have and exposure in information technology sector. VERTOCITY vide this agreement is essentially providing education and training to the LEARNER, and the scope of this agreement is limited to the same and prepares him/her by simulating an actual work environment and instilling confidence in the LEARNER for actual employment with a prospective employer.  

  1. In the event the LEARNER takes up any employment of any nature with any organization including VERTOCITY after execution of this agreement and during the period of training, the LEARNER shall inform in writing about the same to VERTOCITY within one weeks’ time of taking up such employment and in such event, all obligations of VERTOCITY under this agreement shall be discharged and no refund of fee or part thereof shall be admissible.

  1.  The LEARNER shall ensure that he/she undergoes the Career Acceleration Program comprehensively and in the right earnest. The LEARNER has apprised himself/herself of the importance of successfully completing the course for the course duration period to maximize his/her candidature for preferred perm/contract employment job opportunities.

  1. Unauthorized absenteeism by the LEARNER during the course shall not be permissible. Should such unauthorized absenteeism aggregate to more than 15% of the total working days for online-room training VERTOCITY reserves the right to expel the LEARNER from the course without further notice and no refund of fee, pro-rata or otherwise, shall be made by VERTOCITY. However, shortfall in attendance due to unavoidable circumstances may be allowed to be made up provided the LEARNER has obtained prior written approval from the course instructor in this regard.

  1.  The LEARNER must secure a minimum of 80% marks in exam conducted at the end of each module, and / or in the mid-term and final assessments, viva, and capstone project. In the event if the LEARNER fails to qualify in any examinations the LEARNER shall be liable for expulsion, and VERTOCITY shall stand discharged of all obligations under this agreement and the LEARNER will not be entitled to any refund of fee or part thereof.

  1. IF the LEARNER secure 80% marks in exam conducted at the end of each module, and/or in the mid-term and final assessments, viva, and completed capstone project without Plagarism then the LEARNER is eligible to for employment opportunities with various clients under following terms and conditions:

  1. LEARNER Upon successful completion of Six Months On-line training and Head of Customer Experience Team approved his completion of the course, attending personal interview conducted by learning team, thereafter, meeting the minimum attendance requirements, meeting the performance levels in the examinations as specified in clauses 5 and 6 above, VERTOCITY will either at its sole discretion will process for offers eligible by its clients and their requirements in sole discretion of clients demand time-to-time for a “Permanent/Contract Job/Freelance Job” opportunity.

NOTE: Any request for change in batch from a student shall be entertained, provided the same is made within a period of seven (7) days from the  commencement of that batch. Any request made post seven (7) days shall not be entertained by VERTOCITY and there should be valid un-avoidable situation to consider. The LEARNER should write a written email regarding the same and submit the proof of documents to get approval from the Customer Service Team. The course module shall be completed within a period of Nine months from the start of induction/inception and can extended another One month

  1. LEARNER whereas has completed his successful learning journey will be handover to the Placement Hub team in Seventh Month to connect with the 1000+ Hiring partners job opportunity requirements” to such successful LEARNERS at a location to be decided solely by VERTOCITY and its Clients companies across India and abroad. 

  1. LEARNER is eligible to earn a payscale by VERTOCITY and its CLIENTS subject to statutory deductions, if any OR place the successful LEARNER to any other organization at minimum compensation of Rs. 14,000/- per month under low performance and inadequate communication skills in interviews attended by LEARNER and maximum Rs. 1,00,0000/- per month for meritorious LEARNER who performed interview with high-performance subject to statuary deductions if any.
  2. In case VERTOCITY offers contract job to the successful LEARNER, VERTOCITY will sign a separate agreement for the same, detailing the terms of contract, with the student. Contract Job/Freelance Job/Internship Job offered by any other organization pursuant to this Agreement shall be subject to terms and conditions of the organization offering the job.

  1. After the completion of LEARNER’s Three months of internship or project period in VERTOCITY, this contract employment shall automatically be terminated unless extended by VERTOCITY in writing. And thereafter, LEARNER shall have no right to continue this contractual job with VERTOCITY and shall stand discharged of all obligations under this agreement and the LEARNER will not be entitled to any refund of fee or part thereof.

  1. VERTOCITY represents that the scope of The Career Acceleration Program is designed to enhance the LEARNER’s skills for employment in Information Technology sector. Obligation of VERTOCITY shall cease once a contract position / contract job / permanent job / Freelance Job / Internship Job is offered to the LEARNER either in VERTOCITY or in any other organization. The LEARNER shall not refuse an interview or contract position I contract job that may be offered to him/her. Failure to attend interview by the LEARNER or refusal to accept a contract position/contract job offered to him/her after interview, shall discharge VERTOCITY from all obligations under this agreement and, in such event, no refund of fee or part thereof shall be permissible.

  1. After execution of this agreement, the LEARNER has to strictly comply with the time. schedule of the training program and in case of default by any reason unless prior permission for this has been taken from VERTOCITY Customer Experience Team. In case the prior permission has been taken from VERTOCITY, the LEARNER will be entitled only to make up his attendance but in no case, it will extend to refund of fee.

  1. The LEARNER shall not copy, remove, destroy, or tamper with any intellectual property, hardware, software, or other moveable properties of VERTOCITY or of its clients. The LEARNER undertakes to maintain a high degree of discipline during the entire course both at the establishments of VERTOCITY and that of its client/s to which he/she may be assigned, as the case may be. Any breach of these terms by the LEARNER will be construed as gross breach of this agreement by him/her entitling VERTOCITY to expel the LEARNER without notice and forfeit the course fee. The LEARNER shall indemnify VERTOCITY against any damages or losses suffered as also against any claims, demands, suits, action, proceedings, or prosecution on account of any breach of this clause.

  1. It is incumbent upon the LEARNER and the LEARNER undertakes that during the subsistence of the present contract or during any contract job / permanent job offered in pursuance to this Agreement, the LEARNER will maintain strict confidentiality about the project and the information relating to the project and in no event will disclose the information about the project to any third person. The LEARNER before leaving the project shall return all the documents and materials to the project manager of the concerned project. In the event of breach of the aforesaid condition, VERTOCITY shall take appropriate actions including the legal remedies available and the cost and the consequences for the same shall be borne exclusively by the LEARNER. 

  1. VERTOCITY shall not be liable for any delay in performance of its obligations under this agreement due to Acts of God or for reasons/circumstances beyond its control.

Placement Services under Job Guarantee program: 

The Career Acceleration Program - Career Support Service 

As The LEARNER nears the completion of the Training Program in Six Months or completion of course modules, The LEARNER may opt into Career Services, which gives access to Vertocity's Career Coaches, Employer partners and exclusive career events (“Career Services”) for job opportunity with Vertocity Clients

When The LEARNER opts into “Career Services”, they commit to participating in one week of structured professional development curriculums per the instructions of the Vertocity (“Career Phase”). 

“Career Phase” headed by Placement Hub Team from Seventh month or after completion of course modules is an opportunity to maximize job placement opportunity and mandatory phase to get placed with Vertocity Clients requirements.

After Career Phase, The LEARNER has ongoing access to “Career Services” when navigating the job search. Vertocity guarantees The LEARNER will be employed in a particular job upon successfully completing the Training Program by fulfilling “Career Services” placement guidelines. 

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement, any employment guarantee communication made by Vertocity to The LEARNER shall be governed exclusively by the terms contained in that communication.

This stage will begin from the Seventh (7) month since the inception and shall extend up to the twelve (12) month of the course module. This stage shall include the following:

The Job Guarantee Placement Assistance with the following Terms & Conditions: 

Every LEARNER at VERTOCITY is eligible for a scholarship on fulfillment of the following conditions:

The LEARNER has been physically present in on-line and has an attendance of more than 90%;

The LEARNER has scored a minimum of 80%, overall, in the module-based performance analysis tests, which are carried out by VERTOCITY;

The LEARNER has completed the mandatory 6 months training of the course module;

The benefits of a Job Guarantee provided by VERTOCITY shall not come into effect under the following circumstances:

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