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Virtual/Hybrid Model

Highest ROI (Return on Investment)
Flexible Starting Investment - As Low as ₹25k

Comprehensive Support

Dedicated Account Manager for Personalised Assistance
Joint Campaigns for Colleges and Universities

Boost Local Economy

Create Job Opportunities in Your Area
Hybrid Learning Centers for Extra Perks

Key Features

Flexible Investment Plans

Tailored investment options to accommodate various budgets.
Choose from entry-level plans, making franchise ownership accessible.

Innovative EdSaas Model

Pioneer in Education as a Service (EdSaas) for progressive learning.
Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology and up-to-date educational methodologies.

Comprehensive Support System

Dedicated Account Manager for personalized assistance.
Extensive training, marketing collateral, and ongoing support.

Proven Success with Data

Leverage data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
Benefit from VERTOCITY's successful track record in upskilling learners.

Dynamic Course Offerings

Wide array of courses covering Data Science, Analytics, and Web Development.
Certified programs recognized by industry standards.

Collaborative Marketing Initiatives

Joint campaigns targeting local colleges and universities.
Participate in collaborative efforts to establish a strong local presence.
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We're grateful to have educated 25,000+ folks across India and we're trusted by industry leading brands across the country
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Who os this For

At VERTOCITY, our franchise program is designed for individuals and institutions sharing our vision of transforming education and empowering communities. Ideal candidates include:


After School learning Centres

Coaching Centres

Online Institutions

Our Franchise Model System

Virtual Franchise Partnership

Join our network without the need for physical space or significant upfront investment. Start with as little as ₹25k and achieve high returns on investment through pre-hire and PAP programs. Benefit from:

  • Flexible Entry: Begin with minimal investment, making entrepreneurship accessible.
  • Remote Operations: Manage your virtual franchise efficiently from anywhere.
  • Assistance in Campaigns: Receive support in running targeted social media campaigns
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Hybrid Learning Centers

Establish your own hybrid center and enjoy additional perks such as cashback, marketing credits, a dedicated account manager, and collaborative campaigns for nearby Colleges and Universities. Experience

  • Comprehensive Support: Access a partner management portal for streamlined operations.
  • Revenue Sharing: Incentivize collaboration and share profits with proven revenue-sharing models.
  • Exclusive Territories: Enjoy territorial exclusivity for enhanced business opportunities.
Plan Details
Verto Crust
Verto Magnum
Verto Core
Revenue Sharing
B2C Selling Rights
Only Franchise City
Across State
Across India
B2B Selling Rights
Only Franchise City
Across State
Across India
Referral Bonus
5% of invested Amount
7.5% of invested Amount
10% of invested Amount
15 Months
24 Months
36 Months
Support Towards College
Hiring Support
Verto Abroad Sales Rights
Complete Access
B2B SaaS Rights - Al & ML
Physical Exp. Center Support
10 Lakhs
15 Lakhs
30 Lakhs

Partners Testimonials

Our Happy Partners

"Becoming a VERTOCITY franchisee has been a game-changer. The comprehensive support and dynamic courses have empowered me to make a real impact in upskilling our community."

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"Joining VERTOCITY was a strategic move for our business. The innovative EdSaas model, coupled with collaborative marketing initiatives, has not only increased revenue but also enriched our local educational landscape."

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Position, Company name

"As a VERTOCITY franchise owner, I've witnessed unparalleled success. The flexible investment plans, combined with robust data-driven strategies, have made this partnership a rewarding journey."

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Position, Company name

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Vertocity Certificate

One Program - Credible Credentials

Complete a program at Vertocity without any backlogs and timelapse and bag a certification. Our certification credentials include

- Module certificates after successfully completing each module
- Program certification after successfully completing a program at Vertocity
- Recognition through the Wipro Dice Program through our certificate
- Vertocity is supported and/or our programs are validated by AWS, Google, Wipro, IBM, NSDC and Startup India.

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