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HRM & Analytics Programs in Gurgaon with 100% Job Guarantee

๐ŸŸข 100% Job-Guarantee
๐ŸŸข Live Learning
๐ŸŸข Project Based
๐ŸŸข 1:1 Mentorship
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200% hike
Pre Vertocity
Post Vertocity
vertocity 34
Veda Kulkarni
130% hike
Pre Vertocity
Post Vertocity
120% hike
Pre Vertocity
Post Vertocity
85% hike
Pre Vertocity
Post Vertocity
90% hike
Pre Vertocity
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165% hike
Pre Vertocity
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200% hike
Pre Vertocity
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100% hike
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About HRM Program

The HR Analytics Program in Gurgaon offers an immersive experience in the dynamic field of data analytics, empowering you to delve into the vast realms of data and master a diverse set of techniques for data analysis, pattern discovery, and extracting valuable insights. This program is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to make well-informed decisions that prioritize precision and minimize subjectivity.

Throughout the curriculum, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise to effectively leverage data in real-world industry scenarios. By doing so, you will be fully prepared to meet the evolving demands of the HR Analytics industry and navigate its complexities successfully.

Earning a certification upon completion of this program serves as a valuable credential, unlocking a multitude of promising job opportunities in this rapidly growing field. Embarking on a career in data analytics opens doors to exciting prospects where you can contribute to scientific research, thrive in an industry experiencing remarkable growth, and play a pivotal role in driving informed decision-making.


Career in HRM now made easy with Vertocity.

Analyse Data Science role salaries across years of experience.

Week wise curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM)
Week 2: Recruitment and Selection
Week 3: Training and Development
Week 4: Performance Management
Week 5: Employee Engagement and Retention
Week 6: Compensation and Benefits
Week 7: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Week 8: Compliance and Regulations
Week 9: HR Analytics
Week 10: Talent Management
Week 11: Global HRM
Week 12: HRM in the Future

Instructional mentors

In our Masterclass, you will participate in live classes led by our teachers who are thriving in their roles as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, SQL Developers, Business Analysts, Data Architectures.
Data Science Instructor
solution advisor
Jinal Trivedi
Akhil Vykuntam
Software developer
Vikrant Shome
CEO & Founder
Apurva Parasar
Senior Data Analyst
Ishaa Verma
Sr Data Analyst
Aashit Singh
Senior Data Scientist
Founder, CTO
Sai Prudhvi
BI Analyst
Mayank Bhan
Senior Analyst
Management Consultant
Kishita Thakar
Founder & CEO
Data Science Instructor
solution advisor
Jinal Trivedi
Akhil Vykuntam
Software developer
Weekly Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1.5 Hr | Live sessions on Zoom

In our live sessions by our mentors, you will learn in real-time using MS SQL. Our approach to teaching is hands-on, with a focus on solo and group activities and project based learning to help you apply what you are learning.

Masterclass Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1.5 Hr | Live sessions on Zoom
In our live sessions by our mentors, you will learn in real-time using tools required for HRM. Our approach to teaching is hands-on, with a focus on solo and group activities and project based learning to help you apply what you are learning.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Peer to Peer learning
During these days, you will learn through recorded modules and finish any assignments that are shared by the mentor, attempt quizzes and work on the project along with other peers from your cohort.
Doubts Resolving
16 Hour window
If you have any questions drop a text in the cohort chat box and connect with mentors live immediately.

Vertocity Recipe to Transform your Career

A structured & flexible program, that cares for you

We provide a balance between structured learning and flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace while still having access to expert guidance and support.

Seek guidance form our industry mentors

Learn and get mentorship from experienced mentors who has years of experience in their respective fields by working with major brands in the country.

Project based learning to enhance your learning curve

Project-based learning allows students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by engaging them in real-world projects and challenges.

Why Vertocity Program

An interactive and Project Based Learning Experience:

Learn HRM & Analytics from leading mentors who worked with brands like, Iopex, Fynd, Amazon, Cognizant, HSBC, JPMC, Wells Fargo, Wipro.
Highly Affordable
1/10th the cost of what you actually spend going to the university.
Program taught by 6 Industry mentors who work as Data Scientists, Engineers, Analysts at Wipro, Amazon, Optum, Fynd & Mind Valley.
Project based learning
Project based on learning with hands on approach. Curated industry capstones and option to choose your own projects
Proper guidance
1 to 1 Student Mentor & Industry mentor assigned to each learner
100% Job Guarantee
Placement prep & support by the career guidance team to lead you to the interviews.
Various Programs
Choose from programs across Business, Technology, Data, and others.
Career Path

Careers after the HRM program:

Our alumni, who are now working at companies bigger brands and are extremely important to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to have placed them on such impressive teams around the country.
Recommend learning path
vertocity 51
HR Recruiter:
HR Recruiter's responsibilities include sourcing candidates online, updating job ads and conducting background checks. If you have experience with various job interview formats, including phone screenings and group interviews, and can help us recruit faster and more effectively, we'd like to meet you.
HRย Specialist:
An HR Specialist is a professional responsible for monitoring all Human Resource functions. They prepare compensation and benefits packages, set up company policies, maintain updated employee records and ensure a healthy workplace by providing HR procedures.
Audits and Accounting:
Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records, identify potential areas of opportunity and risk, and provide solutions for businesses and individuals. They ensure that financial records are accurate, that economic and data risks are evaluated, and that taxes are paid correctly.
Technical Recruiter:
A technical recruiter is responsible for all aspects of sourcing and hiring IT professionals to fill specialized positions. A technical recruiter will work to identify and fill job openings, interview candidates, and keep records of applications. Completely free trial, no card required.
Compensation Manager:
Compensation managers are responsible for researching, establishing, and maintaining a company's pay system. This involves researching and understanding current and upcoming competitive employee pay and benefits markets.
Bootcamp Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing

Admission Process

Step 1
Fill the application form
Fill out the application form and start your process..!
Step 2
Selection Test
Give out a short 25 mins test with 20 questions, including - Reasoning, Aptitude, English & Problem-solving questions.
Take Test
Step 3
Pay registration fee
Our counselors will shortlist your profile based on your test score. You will receive the admission letter and go ahead with the fee process.
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EMI Starting from
INR 2,934*
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*No cost EMI options are also available.
Total fee: Rs 90,000 inclusive of GST at super affordable EMI options. The credit facility is provided by a third party credit facility provider and any arrangement with such third party is outside Vertocity purview.

Why Us

Our Pro Coaching
Other Coaching Institutes
Designed as per current companiesโ€™ standards
Not industry-aligned
Doubts Clarification
8AM - 2AM Doubt Clarification.
500+ Mentors to help you
Only 1-2 hours per day
Alumni of IIT, IIM & Top MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft. Built world-class products
No real world project experience
Placements Record
Proven results for every branch, degree, CGPA
For only select branches, degrees
Placements Opportunities
Unlimited from a pool of
1000+ companies
Limited (5-20)
Institute Recognised by
Recognized by Many top Companies and Organizations.
No recognition
10+ Real-time Projects that makes your resume strong
~1-2 real time projects
Access to Labs
24x7 Online State-of-the-art Labs. No installation/setup needed.
Only 2 hours/day
Mock Interviews
AI-Powered Mock Interviews
and with Dedicated Tech & HR Panels
Seniorsโ€™ Interview Experiences
Access to 300+ Sessions
Scheduling Interviews
Salary Negotiation with

For higher salaries
Program Fee
75,000 INR
View EMIย plans
What's Included in the Price
  • Get Advanced Certificate Programme from Vertocity without quitting your job.
  • Practical Learning with Industry Projects and Case Studies
  • Rigorous Cutting Edge Curriculum developed in Collaboration with Teaching experts and Industry leaders in DevOps
  • Dedicated Student support team from Vertocity
  • Networking opportunities with 10,000+ alumni & leading industry experts
Empowering learners of tomorrow

Over 2,300 students have completed this course and started working at their dream job, whats stopping you?

Our Alumni

Meet our Alumni who work at multiple brands

Our alumni, who are now working at companies bigger brands and are extremely important to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to have placed them on such impressive teams around the country.
Meet our Alumni

Agnidipta Sarkar

Management Trainee , TCS


Gaurav Chaudhary

Android developer, Cognizant


Rajesh Kurivi

Software Development Engineer, Virtusa


Kavita Ladia

HR Associate, Grant Thornton


Lokesh Krishna

Software Development Engineer, Capgemini


Mounika raiker

Software Development Engineer, Wipro

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Due to their popularity, our masterclass tend to fill up quickly, so we open registration well in advance. To ensure a personalized learning experience for all participants, we limit class sizes to 20 for our Masterclass.
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    Got a question about our Bootcamp?

    Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.
    What is the duration of the HRM & Analytics Job Guarantee Program?

    The HR management and analytics program is a 6-month program. In these 6 months, you will learn the skills and techniques that a human resources professional should know. Upon completing the HR course, you will get placement in a decent organization with a job guarantee.

    Is this program suitable for beginners with no prior experience in HRM and Analytics?

    Yes, the HRM and analytics program by Vertocity is designed for everyone, no matter what you know or don't know. You will learn from basics to intermediate and then advance, so no prior experience is needed.

    Will I receive a job guarantee after completing the course?

    Yes, job placement assistance is one of Vertocity's key features in Gurgaon's HRM and analytics program. You'll receive it after finishing the HR course. However, the salary range will depend on your interview preparation.

    Is the HRM and Analytics course conducted in-person or online?

    The HRM and analytics course in Gurgaon will be conducted online through Zoom classes and Google Meet.

    Does the program include any hands-on projects or practical training?

    Yes, you will learn skills like hiring and how a company takes care of its employees. In HR analytics, you will learn data management techniques about employees, such as how many work in different departments, how happy they are at work, and how well they do their jobs.

    How can I apply for the program, and what are the enrollment procedures?

    Join our live demo class and learn about HRM and analytics as a career. You can see the curriculum of the HR course in Gurgaon. Then, you can make your decision and contact us. We will get you enrolled in the next batch of the program.

    Is there any financial aid or scholarship available for eligible students?

    Yes, a scholarship is available for the first 500 students who enroll in the HR course in Gurgaon. You just need to take the scholarship test

    How much does the HRM & Analytics Program in Gurgaon cost?

    The total cost of the HRM and Analytics program in Gurgaon is 90,000 INR. You can choose to pay for it in 3, 6, 9, or 12 monthly installments, with a 10,000 INR down payment.

    Got another question?
    If you've got another questions about our Bootcamp you can send us a message or join an intro session to meet our team and others


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