Learner Attendance Policy

Punctuality and consistent attendance for in-class educationand portal activities for online learners are compulsory for all Learners atVertocity. At Vertocity, Learners learn in a collaborative and participativesetting, that fosters teamwork and enthusiasm in the learning progression.

Daily attendance by Learners is logged by CX Team andMentors of specific module. Learners, who are away from class for more than Sixconsecutive live sessions, are mandated to submit a valid reason withappropriate documentation to the CX Program Manager. A tenable explanation foran absence must describe circumstances necessitating the Learner’s absence(e.g. medical, family emergency, etc…). Inability to provide a validjustification/documentation may result in reporting and disciplinary measures.

In explanatory emergency circumstances that require a Learnerto be absent in class, such Learner must contact the CX Program Manager as soonas possible or can write an email to programs@vertocity.com. In suchsituations, it is the Learner’s responsibility to review course materialstaught in their absence and be responsible to learning any missed coursematerials due to their absence.

When a Learner has missed Six consecutive live sessions withoutcontacting the institution/program manager, before or during the absence, toprovide a reasonable excuse. In this case, the effective date of the Learner’swithdrawal is the first of the Six days that the Learner was absent.

When a Learner with a reasonable excuse is absent for more than30 consecutive days, the effective date of the withdrawal is the first dayduring this period that the Learner was absent.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

These actions are deemed academic dishonesty by Vertocity,and are not accepted under any circumstances:

Cheating in examinations/tests and other assessments: Thiswill result in mark deductions, warnings, and other instructor directedsanctions. Such sanctions must be reported to the Program Manager forreprimand. If a Learner is reprimanded three times, he/she may be subject tofurther disciplinary actions, such as academic probation or expulsion. Thiswill also result in in-eligibility for the placement guarantee program. He orshe can be removed from placement guarantee program further leads toin-eligible for refund.

Plagiarism, unapproved collaboration, use of aids that havenot been expressly permitted by instructors, theft or solicitation of another Learner’sassignments, paperwork, tests, or personal belongings, will be treated ascheating, and may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities, ifsuch action violates any Indian law on plagiarism and copyright. If in doubt,the Learner should consult the appropriate government documents on copyrightsor ask for clarifications from his/her instructors.

Alteration of records, bribery, falsification ofinformation, and intentionally attempting to assist another Learner to commitany such acts, will result in stern disciplinary actions, such as suspension,expulsion, and possible reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies.



Academic Standing and Probation Policy

A Learner is in good academic standing if he/she is nothaving three or more failed (outstanding) capstone/ assignments. A Learner, whois not in good academic standing, could be placed on probation and could facepossible expulsion from the program.

Learners who fail exams or practicum (capstone) are given upto 3 chances to pass these exams.

Failure to pass any given exam or practicum after threeattempts, would result in the Learner being placed on placement probation andhe or she should know that they are in-eligible for placement process andrefund process. During this period, the Learner is expected to complete thecourse but he or she is not eligible for guarantee of placement. He alsoconsidered out of refund policy, and he is not eligible to claim any refund.

A Learner is allowed to be on academic probation only for aperiod not exceeding one academic year, after which the Learner is required towithdraw from the program. Such a Learner may pursue any other program in the Vertocity,if found to be qualified, and reenrol paying the appropriate fees.

Policy on Privacy

Vertocity is bound by India laws to protect the privacy ofthe Learners. Vertocity respects the right to privacy of its Learners and iscommitted to safeguarding the personal information of each Learner. Vertocitywill not disclose a Learner’s personal information without a prior writtenconsent of the Learner.

At Vertocity we protect the personal information collectedfrom Learners, graduates, staff and other business partners. This includes thetraining of employees and the establishment of control systems for responsibleuse of personal information that is accessible to Vertocity Academia employeeswhile performing work-related duties. Vertocity directs its employees toexercise caution when disclosing personal information to others. Access topersonal information is limited to the following:

An individual accessing his or her own personal information.An employee of the Vertocity with authorized access based on a legitimateacademic or business need.

Any organization or person authorized by the individual toreceive the information.

Authorized legal agent, government body, or representativeunder the circumstance where the Vertocity Academia complies with the releaseof personal information.

Individuals or entity as permitted by law where deemed to benecessary for reasonable conduct of institutional business.

Academic Integrity Policy

Vertocity takes academic honesty and integrity veryseriously. The following are deemed academic offenses and may warrantdisciplinary action like suspension, expulsion, loss of placement assistance orrefund eligibility:

·        Cheating during examinations/assessments

·        Plagiarism

·        Unauthorized collaboration

·        Using unauthorized aids

·        Stealing or soliciting another learner's work

·        Altering institutional records

·        Bribery or falsification of information

Multiple offenses may also be reported to relevant legalauthorities, if constituting violation of copyright or other laws. Learners areadvised to consult official Indian government documents on plagiarism andcopyright for guidance.

Learner Conduct and Expulsion

Vertocity has a zero tolerance to academic dishonesty,plagiarism, the non-payment of course fees, harassment, abuse and /ordiscrimination of any form. Such conducts could result in far reachingdisciplinary measures.


Learners are required to be respectful to theirpeers/instructors/ and other staff of the Vertocity Academia. Learners whoharass or discriminate against other Learners or staff are subjected tointernal investigation, which could result to suspension, expulsion, andpossible reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies, where the needarises.

Learners who knowingly misrepresent their personalinformation on admission / application forms are also subject to immediateexpulsion.

Use of Vertocity IT infrastructure property or computers ina manner prohibited (e.g. pornography), may result in expulsion, and could bereported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

A Learner who wilfully damages Vertocity IT infrastructureproperty will be required to replace/repair such property and may further besubjected to other disciplinary measures as may be determined by the programmanagement.

The Willful damage of any property will result in beingrequired to make restitution to the Institution.

Harassment or Discrimination Policy

Harassment and discrimination is a serious offense, there isa zero tolerance policy at Vertocity Learners are required to be respectful totheir peers, instructors, and office staff. Learners participating inharassment or discriminatory activities are subject to suspension under pendinginvestigation. Expulsion will be automatic for any Learner who will be deemed,after the result of the investigation, to have engaged in harassment ordiscriminatory activities.

Admissions Documentation Policy

Learners who knowingly misrepresent their personalinformation on their application forms are subject to immediate expulsion.

Learner Grievances Redressal Process

Vertocity aims to address learner complaints informally butmaintains a formal policy for unresolved issues. Learners can approachinstructors or program managers first before escalating to Vertocity'sGrievance Redressal Cell in writing within 30 days of the grievance arising.Complaints will be reviewed through dialogue between both parties withinstipulated timelines. Decision can be appealed with Vertocity's management as alast escalation. Detailed records of proceedings will be maintained.

Learner Complaint Procedure


At Vertocity, we are committed to the fair treatment of all Learnersand employees, and emphasize an open and collaborative approach to dealing withLearner and staff concerns. Management will endeavor to resolve complaintsinformally where possible; while keeping in mind that formal resolutionprocesses may be required in certain circumstances. The following principlesguide the handling of complaints at Vertocity:

All complaints (verbal or written) must have identifiablecomplainants. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

Lodging a complaint will have no adverse consequences on anyLearner or staff in their program of study or job responsibilities.

Learner complaint policies and procedures apply toindividuals or groups.

Complaints must be initiated within 30 days of the event/sthat led to the complaint. Procedure

The Learner should first approach the instructor or otherauthorized personnel, such as program manager to discuss the issue of concern.If the concern(s) cannot be resolved verbally, the Learner/staff will berequired to submit the complaint in writing to the Program Manager, Vertocity.

Within 10 days, a meeting will be arranged between the Learnerand the Program Manager and other individuals involved. The Program Manager maydecide to escalate the issue to the Management (Academics) if need be. The Learnermay be accompanied by an advocate of their choice at all stages of thecomplaint process and this person may take oral submissions on behalf of the Learner.

The Learner will have an opportunity to make an oralpresentation of the complaint at this meeting or delegate another person tomake the oral presentation on his/her behalf. The proceedings and outcome ofthis meeting will be documented.

Upon review of the complaint and any other relevantinformation, the Program Manager, in consultation with the management will makea decision. The decision will be communicated to the Learner in writing within14 business days following the meeting and will contain the reasons for thedecision.

Vertocity will maintain a record of all Learners for aperiod of three years from the date of the decision. This record will include acopy of the written Learner complaint, any submissions filed and the writtendecision.

All Complaints should be addressed to:

The Program Audit Manager,

Email: audit@vertocity.com



Decisions on probation, suspension, and expulsion are madeby the Program Manager, in consultation with the Management.

Any Learner who is suspended, put under probation, orexpelled from the Program, has the right to appeal the decision in writing anemail to program@vertocity.com within 2 weeks of receiving the notification ofprobation, suspension, or expulsion.

The appeal shall be considered by an Audit Committee,consisting of the Audit Manager. The Learner may be invited to testify at the AuditCommittee. The decision of the Audit Committee will be final.

Should the Learner not be satisfied with the decisionrendered by Vertocity, the Learner may refer the complaint to the Director,


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