3 Day Workshop on Web3 Marketing

Master the art of creating an effective Web3 Marketing Strategy by understanding the basics and framework of Marketing and dive into real-time case studies of popular Marketing Campaigns of this projects.
Akhil JWeb3 Expert, Growth lead at Xiro

7 Hours
22-24 July'22
  3 Days
  Live + Pre-recorded
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What will you learn in the workshop

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Become the master ofWeb3 Marketing Strategy

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Workshop Bonuses Worth ₹25,000

Web3 focussed Social Media Marketing Calendar Template.
worth ₹ 5,000

Email Marketing Templates
₹ 4,000

Case Study Sheets of Web3 Projects
worth ₹ 3,000

Content Samples for Blog Writing
worth ₹ 3,000

Repository of Jobs available in Web3 space.
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Premium Community Access.
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How does the workshop run ?

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Register for the workshop and join the whatsapp group

Watch pre-recorded sessions
Follow the curriculum and watch the pre-recorded sessions on Day-1

Attend Live

Attend live sessions and interact with the mentor

Get your doubts cleared during QnA
Get your doubts cleared during the QnA session with our mentors.


What our Students say ?

"The workshop is going amazing, love your insightful perspectives Akhil Jonnavithula."

Arihant Shinde

Founder, Digital Strategist, Performance Marketer

"Hi akhil, I am inthe workshop. Thanks for this valuable session. Learning a lot from an OG web3 marketer."

Soumitra Sen

Crypto Content Writer

"Amazing Workshop🔥."

Saurabh Dhekhale

Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing

"Amazing session, learnt some good strategies."

Arun Dogra

Digital Marketing Executive, Creatvsiews

"Insightful Workshop Akhil Jonnavithula"

Renuka R. Rane

CEO, Marketing HQ

"Amazing Insights on Web3 Marketing by Akhil Jonnavithula"

Swapnil Sagar

Digital Marketer, Facebook and Instagram ads

"It was a pretty knowledgable webinar! Thank you for taking such a great initiative"

Amey Bansod

Helping Web3 Startps, SaaS, DeFi, NFTs,.

"Hey Folks, the workshop is pretty informative and quite better than I expected it to be honestly. Looking forward to connecting with the other folks that took part in the workshop."

Firaidon Siddiqi

Community Manager, Metadhana

About Mentor

Akhil Jonnavithula

Meet Akhil who believes in making Web 3 Marketing Projects sustainable and researching and studying the fundamentals of Crypto Projects before investing in them just for the hype.

He’s currently working as the Growth Marketing Lead at Xiro, a UK based Web3 gaming project where he focuses on ensuring growth by getting involved at every stage of the customer funnel.

Someone who started investing in Crypto way before it was hyped and cool, someone who has nailed it in inter-mingling the worlds of NFT, Crypto and Marketing through his tireless efforts in educating and building communities around Crypto; and someone who focuses inherently on Marketing tactics to build an ecosystem around them.


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Will the workshop be live?

Yes, After completion of the workshop, you will get your certificate.

Will I receive any certificate?

Yes, After completion of the workshop, you will get your certificate.

When will I get the bonus?

The bonus will be shared during/after the workshop.

Can I attend the workshop without any prior knowledge of web3?

Yes, you can attend the workshop without any prior knowledge. Our mentor will drive you through the basics of web3 marketing.

Can I make a career in web3?

Of course, you can make an amazing career out of it. You will be getting a proper idea about web3 marketing by attending this workshop.

Should I have basic knowledge of what cryptocurrency is?

No, you need not have to know what cryptocurrency is. Our mentor will make you understand what exactly crypto currency is and how it is related to web3.

Will there be any refund?

No, there won’t be any refund for the workshop. You can go through the workshop curriculum and the mentor profile and make a decision based on that.

Will I get the recordings of the live sessions?

No, the live session recordings will not be provided. All learners are supposed to attend the live sessions in the workshop.

Start your Web3 Marketing journey  

Become the master ofWeb3 Marketing Strategy
₹ 499 1699
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